Steve Shimomura

A wonderful encounter through boat rowing and the beginning of global exchange friendship.

His impressions participated in World Masters Games 2017 Auckland

“Participating in the World Rowing Masters Regatta hosted by the World Rowing Federation (FISA) triggered me to participate in the World Masters Games” says Steve Shimomura who participated in rowing. He anticipated the trip to the wonderful nature of New Zealand as much as participating in the games. He reunited with his old friends and enjoyed sightseeing for the first time in 30 years, and managed to fit in a goodwill visit to 5 locations through rowing. He was able to expand the circle of friends worldwide, enjoyed interacting with them, and summarized that his expedition trip was a true splendor.
Mr. Shimomura, who also participated in the opening ceremony, was astonished by the splendid attraction and parade equivalent to the quality of the Olympics.
I n the category of mixed gender F;4× of boat competition he formed a group with the ladies from New Zealand. With a result of silver medal, he won three consecutive silver medals dating back from the Sydney Games. Cross-border team formation is one of the characteristics of the World Masters Games. Moreover, he participated in the 100 meters breaststroke. The conditions that allow participants to take part in more than one sport brings about the uniqueness of the World Masters Games.

The enthusiasm for World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI

“In the Auckland games, I couldn’t advance to the final round in the category of individual F;4× which was my initial goal. In the Kansai Games of year 2021 I would like to win a medal in the same category,” says Mr. Shimomura, as he talks the enthusiasm of the Kansai Games. Not just as an individual, but he “wishes to win the gold medal that he dreamt of with his teammates” as a group he will be participating as Seta Rowing Club. As a participant of swimming in the Auckland games, “I would like to participate in various categories such as golf and challenge myself. Simply participating in the games is not the goal. I want to achieve records besides the category of rowing” says Mr. Shimomura, as he sets his goal.
Through rowing, I would like to widen a network of friends from the overseas. He would like to invite the friends that he made through rowing to Japan, and participate in the rowing games that will be hosted in Shiga prefecture. Depending on the category, he thinks about forming a team with the foreign friends as he did this time. He already has in mind about participating in the games with two of his friends from Sydney and Holland (approximately in their eighties) who have participated in the Tokyo Olympics.
Mr. Shimomura says, “Many of the friends whom I have met through rowing anticipates in participating in the Kansai games. As a Japanese, I would like to treat them with the spirit of omotenashi, hospitality, and promote the global exchange interaction and have them enjoy the games hosted in Japan.