Kyoto Josei Sports Organization

A challenge to the Waka Ama race without the experience!!

Impressions after participated in the Auckland Games

There are fourteen women’s sports associations (approximately 8,000 members in total) within Kyoto prefecture affiliated with the organization of “Kyoto Josei (Women’s) Sports Organization”, and they are determined to develop and promote sports for women in Kyoto. Twenty-five members have participated in Auckland Games in order to conduct PR activities for World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI. This time, they have challenged for the 10km road race (marathon) and Waka Ama (outrigger canoe).
For the 10km road race, 11 members of “Kyoto Josei Sports Organization” entered the competition. While there are many participants gathered for the race, ladies with pink uniform have drawn many attention, and also added colorfulness to the race. The race was full of excitement with many Japanese cheering for runners, and all members have finished running for the race.
They said that competing in the Waka Ama race with six members was such a memorable race to experience the culture of Masters. While it was the race which they have never tried before, experienced competitors of overseas with their own oar gave hospitable lessons before the race begins.
It was a tough race when the race begins, because it is the first challenge for them. However, while other teams are finishing one after another, Kyoto Josei Sports Organization’s team struggles with their first experience with waka ama race, then the announcement and cheering reached to Kyoto Josei Sports Organization’s canoe, “This is their first challenge!” and “They are coming from Kyoto to conduct PR activities for 2021 Kansai Games!”. When they finished the race, other competitors made oar arch to welcome ladies, they felt unspeakable emotions coming through their bodies.

The enthusiasm for World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI

Members of Kyoto Josei Sports Organization said “We are eager to disseminate our experience in Auckland, and we are willing to support making Kansai Games as enjoyable Games on any Sports and for anyone who participated in the Games. Moreover, we really wish that we can give back the kindness we have received from the staff members of the Auckland Games and all people who competed in the Games with much appreciations.”
They have aggressively interacted with other competitors and have conducted PR activities for Kansai Games.
For the WMG2021 KANSAI Games, Kyoto prefecture will conduct next sports: Canoe (Marathon), Cycling (Mountain Bike), Handball, Soft Tennis, Triathlon (Duathlon) and Gate Ball.
As they said, members of Kyoto Josei Sports Organization are cooperating with us in order to make 2021 Kansai Games successful and make the most of their wonderful experience to connect with Kansai Games.