Mr. Kenji Ishige

Overseas expedition for the first time in a while. What is the attraction of WMG at the first participation.

Impressions after participated in the World Masters Games 2017 Auckland

Mr. Kenji Ishige started Canoe in high school. He overcame the painful college era when he could not achieve best results from bad physical condition and continued the canoe competition even after started working. As a result, he gained spectacular results such as winning the Japan Championship and winning the 6th place in the World Cup.
It was the opportunity that Mr. Ishige decided to participate in the World Masters Games 2017 Auckland because he became an age to be able to participate the Masters Games. He aimed for the Gold medal since he participated. Although he tried to practice with such a high goal, it was not so easy because he could not practice as he wanted.
The result was a silver medal. He did not reach his goal, however he said that he gained a great sense of accomplishment by having good results with WMG as he participated for the first time.
For Mr. Ishige, he hadn’t go for the overseas expedition in a while, so he had concerns. However, the staff and overseas players were so friendly, and that made him able to enjoy the Games more than he expected.

The enthusiasm for World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI

In this expedition, Mr. Ishige spent time with his fiancee who traveled together during his free time and at the competition venue he spent time with the senior competitor. Mr. Ishige enjoyed sport-tourism which is one of the attraction of the WMG talked about enthusiasm for the WMG Kansai as follows. “If I participate, I would like to aim for the best color medal that I did not receive at the Auckland Game. I am certain that it is not easy as it requires considerably hard training, but if there is a possibility even a little, I would like to challenge.”
Moreover, regarding the attraction of WMG he felt because it was the first participation, he said, “In Auckland city, the whole city was very exciting and welcoming atmosphere, it made us very comfortable. In addition, everyone is in a serious mode when it was the competition time, but in other times they were very friendly and it was the Game featuring the attraction of sports. I would like to spread the word about the Games, so that many people will know about such attractive World Masters Games.”
We will do our best to create an attractive Game so that we can spread the attraction of the WMG that he felt at the Auckland Game even at the Kansai Game!