To enjoy sports, to be able to enjoy sports. Introduce you shrines that may protect you! Vol. 2

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Kyoto Pref.
To enjoy sports, to be able to enjoy sports. Introduce you shrines that may protect you! Vol. 2

This article is based on the coverage conducted in Kyoto Prefecture on 11 January 2021, which is before the prefecture had a declaration of a state of emergency by the government. Some took off their mask while taking pictures, however, in principle the coverage was conducted taking counter measures against Covid-19 (to wear a mask, etc.) recommended as of 11 January.

People pray to god; I want to win the game, want to achieve results at the competition, want to play with no regrets, want to play sports safely without getting injuries, want to recover from illness or injury soon, etc.
There are many ancient shrines in Kyoto. Your wishes may be granted, so why don’t you visit them before or after games!

Vol.2) God of cycling, “Taka shrine” in Ide-cho, Kyoto Pref.

<font size='2' color='blue'>A bicycle rack and visitors’ road bikes in the precinct of the shrine</font>
A bicycle rack and visitors’ road bikes in the precinct of the shrine
In the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture, there is a Kyoto Prefectural cycling path, called “Kyoto Yawata Kizu Jitensha-do (Kyoto Yawata Kizu cycling path)”.
Kizu River joins Uji River and Katsura River at downstream and becomes Yodo River, which flows down to the sea at Osaka Bay.
This cycling path is 45 km long, you cycle along embankment, starting from Arashiyama in Kyoto City, go down along Katsura River, then go up along Kizu River from confluence of three rivers. The goal is “Izumi oohashi” bridge in Kizugawa City.
Along the route, there are “Nagare bashi” bridge, which appears in the famous period drama “Abarenbo Shogun (The Unfettered Shogun)” and the embankment called “Sewaritei”, which is a popular cherry blossom viewing spot.
Going further south than Kizu, Asuka in Nara Prefecture is 100 km from Arashiyama, many people enjoy cycling around this scenic area with full of historical culture.
If you cycle on “Kyoto Yawata Kizu cycling path” along Kizu River, there is a red bridge called “Tanabe oohashi”. The bridge takes you to “Ide-cho Taga” district on the opposite side of the bank, and “Taka shrine” is there.
“Taka shrine” is located on the mountain, on the east side of JR Nara Line. It is on the list of shrines made in 927 and has devout worshippers in the area. Its chief priest is a cycling lover.
This area was used in a teen cycling movie called “Kamisama no wadachi (God’s rut) – checkpoint of the life -” (2018, directed by Yu SAKUDO) and the slope to go up “Mantoro yama” mountain is popular among cyclists who are “slope fans”.

“Taka shrine” became famous among people cycling on the route. They visit the shrine for “God of cycling” and pray for safety; groups of cyclists wearing a helmet gather for “Hatsumoude (First visit to a shrine of the new year, where people pray for a good year.).
<font size='2' color='blue'>Good luck sticker is a right size to put on a bicycle mudguard or saddle.</font>
Good luck sticker is a right size to put on a bicycle mudguard or saddle.
Local “Kizu River Cycling club” and a club from Nara prefecture were visiting the shrine when I was there.
There is a steep slope along the steps to the shrine, people wearing a nice outfit of their club climb up the slope, arrive at the shrine one by one and park their road bike at the rack.

“Aren’t you cycling today?”
“Hehe, cos it’s chilly…”

An acquaintance called out when passing by.
Weak me, because it was cold, I glanced at my hybrid bike hang at the front door as I left home, went up the steep slope by car and parked at the square to worship. Sorry.
<font size='2' color='blue'>The chief priest with local “Kizu River Cycling club” members</font>
The chief priest with local “Kizu River Cycling club” members
■Taka jinjya (Taka shrine)
Location: Taka tennouzan 1, Tsuzukigun idecho, Kyoto Prefecture
TEL: 0774-82-4628
To get there:
Approx. 20-minute walk from JR Nara Line’s “Yamashiro-Taga” station
Approx. 35 km from Arashiyama by bicycle (Approx. two hours and a half)
Approx. 16 km from “Izumi oohashi” bridge in Kizugawa City by bicycle (Approx. one hour and twenty minutes)

The sports and disciplines
of the World Masters
Games 2021 Kansai
held in the neighbourhood.

Introducing the poster


I would like to introduce Kyoto’s fun sport culture from Uji city in Kyoto prefecture.
After working as a local government officer, I retired. Now I am a “Shigin (Japanese poem) teacher” and a “University student” studying history & culture with online course.
I used to play tennis, however, I retired due to Achilles tendon rupture.
I love watching sports, but I don’t watch baseball because it causes family conflict.
At work, I promoted new sports, comprehensive sports club in the region, cycle tourism, etc.