2017/10/11International Masters Games Association (IMGA) Board Meeting was held.

On October 9th (Mon), the International Masters Games Association (IMGA) Board Meeting was held for the first time in Japan. President Mr. Ido and Mr. Kinoshita, Secretary General of the organizing committee attended the board meeting to explain the preparation status of the WMG2021 KANSAI. And, we exchanged lively opinions with board of directors including Mr. Kai Holm, President of IMGA.
Also, Mr. Kai Holm and the director of IMGA, Mr. Sergey Bubka (a world record holder of the pole vault) gave us strong words, “It is the first challenge to hold Games in a wide area, however, if we can achieve 50,000 participants, it will be the world’s largest event!” For the success of the WMG2021 KANSAI, the organizing committee will unite with IMGA and work hard for it.