Showcase sports

Sports to be held for both purpose of raising mood towards 2021 and providing more opportunity to join in WMG.

※The following table is listed in order of competition days.
※The following schedule was created based on the information that is current as of 31st August, 2021. It is subject to change due to various circumstances in the future.

Sport/Overview Host Venue City/Town Schedule Venue
Osaka Pref. Takaishi city 2020.9.26~27 Osaka Prefectural Boat Center Details
Tokushima Pref. Naruto city
Tokushima city
Anan city
2020.10.30~11.1 Naruto Oronamin C Field
JA Bank Tokushima Stadium
JA Aguri Anan Stadium
Osaka Pref. Higashiosaka city 2020.12.5~6 Higashiosaka City Wheelchair Sports Court
Osaka city - 2021.5.9(TBC) Osaka Castle Park and other special nearby sites (Chuo Ward,Osaka City) Swimming venue (Special Race in Osaka Castle’s Outer Moat) Details
Tottori Pref. Yonago city
Sakaiminato city
Nanbu town
Houki town
Daisen town
Hiezu village
  • ・Swim
    Sea of Japan,Offshore of Kaike Onsen Beach
  • ・Bike
    Yonago city - Daisen Sanroku - Yonago city
  • ・Marathon
    Yonago city - Sakaiminato city - Yonago city
Wakayama Pref. Shirahama town 2021.9.26(TBC) Shirarahama Beach
Kyoto city - 2021.10.24 Kyoto Gyoen Tomnoikouji Ground Details
Osaka city - 2021.10(TBC) Osaka Castle Park and other special nearby sites (Chuo Ward,Osaka City) Swimming venue (Special Race in Osaka Castle’s Outer Moat) Details
Tottori Pref. Yurihama town 2022.11(TBC) The Home of Ground Golf “Shiokaze no Oka Tomari”
Nara Pref. Uda city 2022.3.18~25 Uda City Athletic Park and six other baseball fields
Tottori Pref. Tottori city 2022.3(TBC) Tottori Sand Dunes Sanin Coast ・ Inaba Manyo-no-Sato Marathon Course
Tokushima Pref. Tokushima city etc. 2022.3(TBC) Tokushima Marathon Course

(Wheelchair Basketball,Rolling Volleyball,Boccia)
Hyogo Pref. Nishinomiya city 2022.4.17 Nishinomiya City Center Gymnasium Details
Kobe city - 2022.4.24 Minato no Mori Park(Start / Goal) Details
Hyogo Pref. Takarazuka city 2022.5.3~4 Takarazuka City Sports Center Details
Osaka Pref. Suita city 2022.5.8 Yamato University
Wakayama Pref. Wakayama city 2022.5.8 Wakayama Big Whale
Fukui Pref. Sakai city 2022.5.13~20 Seaside Nature Park
Fukui Country Club
Shiga Pref. Moriyama city 2022.5.14~15 Moriyama Citizen Gymnasium
Hyogo Pref. Sanda city 2022.5.14~15 Hyogo Prefectural Arima Fuji Park Details
Kobe city - 2022.5.14~15 Oji Stadium Details
Hyogo Pref. Kobe city
Akashi city
2022.5.16~22 Kobe-Shiawasenomura Lawn Bowls Green in Kobe City
Akashi Park Lawn Bowls Green in Akashi City
Hyogo Pref. Sumoto city 2022.5.21~22 Awaji Island Details
Nara Pref. Tenri city 2022.5.21~22(TBC) Tenri University Gymnasium No.1
Hyogo Pref. Tamba city 2022.5.22 Tamba City Kaibara Residential Center Gymnasium Details
Hyogo Pref. Nishinomiya city 2022.5.27~29 Hyogo Prefectural Gymnasium Details

(Kayaking + Cycling + Mountain Climbing)
Tottori Pref. Yonago city
Daisen town
Hiezu village
  • ・Kayaking
    Estuary of Hino river
  • ・Cycling
    Estuary of Hino river - Daisen Bakuroza
  • ・Mountain Climbing
    Daisen Bakuroza - The Summit of Daisen
Tokushima Pref. Miyoshi city 2022.5(TBC) The middle reaches of Yosinogawa River and Lake Ikeda
Tokushima Pref. Tokushima city 2022.5(TBC) Billiard KiD etc.
Tokushima Pref. Kaiyo town etc. 2022.5(TBC) Shishikui Coast etc.
Shiga Pref. Takashima city 2022.6.19 Green Park "Omoide no Mori"
Tokushima Pref. Mima city
Miyoshi city
2022.6(TBC) Western Tokushima Health and Disaster Prevention Park
Hyogo Pref. Kakogawa city 2022.8.6~7(TBD) Kakogawa Boating Center
Kyoto Pref. Kameoka city TBD Sanga Stadium by KYOCERA
Kyoto city - TBD TBD