Leveraging its distinguishing feature as an international multi-sport athletic competition for lifelong sports in which everyone can participate, and with “playing, watching and supporting sports together” as one of our watchwords, we strive to promote the World Masters Games 2021 Kansai by adopting an inclusive approach that makes the Games open to anyone.
 The term inclusive means open to all, irrespective of age, gender, ability, or whether with or without disabilities. By creating a venue where people can find their lives worth living while enjoying their engagement in the Games according to their abilities, we are determined to contribute to resolving social challenges and achieving an inclusive society through the power of sports. In addition, we will work to ensure that our inclusive approach or mechanism will be carried on as a legacy after the Games.

The Expert Panel for the Promotion of the Games with an Inclusive Approach

Purpose of establishment:

With the aim of serving as a model for sport competitions in enabling people to participate, according to their abilities, in the event together and enjoy interaction, an Expert Panel for the Promotion of the Games with an Inclusive Approach (hereinafter, the “Expert Panel”) was established.
Based on the views and advice provided by the Expert Panel, the Organizing Committee drew up the Basic Policy on the Promotion of the Games with an Inclusive Approach, to decide on the policies in the First Comprehensive Enforcement Plan and promote the activities of each Executive Committee.
The Chair of the Expert Panel participates in the Legacy Creation Committee as its member to reflect the views of the Expert Panel in the Committee’s deliberations.